The Art of a Whole Chicken

One of the easiest ways to avoid overbuying is to make a massive, versatile dish at the start of the week, and use it for any number of things for the rest of the week. One of my favorites is to cook several chicken breasts in a pressure cooker at the start of the week. We can eat the breasts as-is with mashed potatoes or something that night, and then shred the chicken for tacos, soups, chicken pot pie or a variety of other recipes. In doing so, we've effectively planned meals for the entire week, and made grocery shopping much easier since we'll always have the main ingredient on hand.

This can be done with any other meat, really. You could make roast beef and use the leftovers for tacos, bake an entire turkey and use the bones for homemade broth, cook up some pork and make barbecue sandwiches afterwards; the possibilities are endless. Overall, this strategy saves time and money incredibly easily, works well with any recipes you already use, and is delicious while doing it. What's not to like?