For those of you who don't already know, composting is the process of turning biodegradable organic matter into nutritious soil. It's arguably the best way to dispose of food that you have no other use for, and you can compost nearly any food.

Composting utilizes layers of soil, "greens" (Food scraps, lawn clippings, etc.) and "browns" (Dead leaves, wood, paper). Additionally, your compost must get enough moisture, and be turned periodically to allow for aeration. Microorganisms within your compost break down the organic matter into its base components, creating nutrient-rich soil when it's all finished.

There are a variety of ways to start composting on your own. If you live in Kansas City, the folks at KC Can Compost (Check them out HERE) are a wonderful and simple way to start composting on your own. Alternatively, you can make your own compost bin, such as the one linked HERE. There also exist services in the KC Area that can compost for you, if that sounds more appealing. Take a look HERE and HERE for some of my favorites.

Ideally, you should have very little wasted food to compost in the first place, if I'm doing my job. But regardless, the system is far from perfect, and composting is a great and sustainable way to tidy up the last bits of wasted food after you've tried everything else. Give it a try sometime!