Odds and Ends

Many of the food scraps we create are thought to be useless, and certainly not edible. Banana peels, kiwi skins, and other foodstuffs are tossed in a rush to get to the good, delicious fruit inside. But, many of these non-edible bits of food can be used for a variety of things. Take a look below, and see what looks good!

  • Squash blossoms can be eaten raw or fried, and many of the skins are, in fact, edible with the rest of the squash.

  • Kiwi skins can be eaten, and contain triple the fiber as the fruit itself.

  • Corn silks can be chewed on, or even turned into a tea.

  • Strawberry leaves can be added to salads and smoothies.

  • Onion skins can add extra flavor when used in making homemade broths.

  • Broccoli leaves can be used like any other green in salads, or can be used for wraps.

  • Cauliflower leaves can be roasted for an easy and delicious snack.

  • Watermelon rinds can, surprisingly, be used for numerous things including pickling and candying.

  • Corn husks can be used as a wrap when steaming or baking food

  • Citrus rinds can be very healthy, and are used in numerous recipes.

  • Lettuce past peak freshness can still be used if you chop off the leaves as soon as you see it start to go. The stalks can also be prepared and eaten.

  • Chrysanthemums and pansies are edible, and can be added to salads for a touch of nutrients and color.

  • Various parts of dandelions can be used in the kitchen, from coffee substitutes to salad ingredients.

Adapted from https://draxe.com/nutrition/edible-food-parts/